I need some Italian music

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Mar 1, 2009
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I remember watching a video on u-tube with some awesome Italian music that went perfect with the video clip of the group pressing grapes. I am looking for something like this that would go good at a fun tasting party. Any ideas would be appreciated. :dg Actually any music suggestion would help for the party..wine country related.
my ipod is loaded w this kind of stuff

may suggest a few things... Andrea Bocella, ..so many songs from him...some Sarah Portman singing A Time To Say Goodbye...plenty of Dean Martin, Vale, Sinatra, some Luna Mezza Mare by anyone almost........the music collection from A Walk in the Clouds, and A Good Year, that should get you started
A cd called Mob hits. Its got it all and a price you cant refuse....:r
And iffa you refusa it, we come a-lookin", Kapiche?

You dont come-ah looking for duh music till you ckeck in witt uh Guido.

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