I havent been on a lot lately

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Diabolical GENIUS!!!
Nov 16, 2008
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I haven't been on much lately do to work, So I figured that the best thing to make up for it is with a picture :D So, I want to share with you all a picture of all our wine, its not as much as Wade, Luc, or Cpfan, but I am proud of it none the less. so here it is (sorry for the quality it was a camera phone)

Hey, don't include me in that group. You have more active air-locks than I have. :D

that is pretty cool. I have A (as in ONE, 1) carboy. I look forward to getting where you are!!!
WOW.... and I though having 7 going [buckets & carboys] was alot.. You sure have me beat~~
Be proud dude !!!

You are in the 'catching up' phase.

and doc294:
It is all just a matter of time :D
I want to hear you in a year or so :p

Thanks guys, Here is a break down of what is there


A) A pomegranate Blend, this is the wine we will be serving at my wedding. First Racked it 2days ago.
B) This is a Watermelon Sour apple, about 1 1/2 month old
C) Strawberry, this is also about 1 1/2 months old
D) Is a Raspberry Pineapple about 3 months old, one more clearing rack to go on this one, then its age time.
E) These are a Persimmon Wine, this is just a great example of how you will not know what color you will get, it started off as a pumpkin orange, and now is a bright lemon yellow.
F) lol this one is kinda a funny story. This wine is kinda a scrapbook off our wine. We call it the “Remnant bastard”, because in that little bottle is the dangerous combo of many wines.
G) This is the first wine we made, it’s a Pomegranate blend, and we call it the First draft. We bottled a little early, it's still has a slight cloudiness to it.
F= one of the best wines I have ever made and Ill never be able to duplicate it cause I cant remember what I dumped in there. You have some very good sounding blends there and ay more then I have active, I have only 32 gallons in car boys besides a sugar wash for distilling soon. I do have over 800 bottles in my cellar though and why I am slowing down on wine making for awhile as I just cant fit any lore in there. Looks like you better be building a wie rack very soon! Great job buddy!
Indeed, I plan to build one soon. lol Just think, a less then half a year ago I was on my first batch asking you all advice which I am sure I will always be asking some kind of question. In a way these wines are a testament to the fine people of the forum.

Each time we make wine we double what we have. IT was 4gal, then a 5 gal, then 3 5 gal, then a 20Gal


that's one hell of an incline :D

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