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Oct 25, 2008
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Today I helped a couple I know start their first 2 wine kits (both chocolate raspberry port kits). I brought over all the stuff needed to let them start their kits they bought. I answered questions and helped them thru all of the steps to get them both going. I think they both feel comfortable enough to watch over the wine and call me back to help them thru the rest of the steps when its the right time. The smiles on both their faces was absolutely priceless! I'm thinking I should have titled this one "I finally had a great day!"
You're a keeper Racer..

I bet they invite you over to sample the results, the problem will become.. what do I serve guests that goes with rasp choc port?

just make it a dessert evening.. forgo the entree and main!

This kit is notoriuos for stopping early (not fermenting down as far as it should) so make sure you tell them now or they might think they or you did something wrong when it does not match what they have in their instructions. It will be great either way but depending on how sweet they like their wine they might want to back off using the whole f-pack.
St Allie and Wade thanks for the replys! The reason why they started into this hobby is because of the chocolate raspberry port my wife and I made last year. We brought some over to a christmas party we attended. The couple liked it so much that when I saw it come available again this year I told them about it. I got a call yesterday telling me they got 2 kits in and would I help them as I had promised. I dont know who wanted to get things going more me or them :h Now I know why folks run home brew shops!!!!

Thanks for the reminder about the kits stalling out early Wade. Hopefully their kits will finish strong for them. I'll try and keep you folks posted on how it goes.
There is definitely alot of satisfaction in teaching what you know to others, especially when you know they are listening and appreciate it. Good for you Racer, I believe you did indeed have a great day! And more importantly, you helped them have one as well!
Mine stalled early too.. straight after racking it..I'd be inclined to finish the entire fermentation in the primary if I was to make that port again.

Thanks for the kind thoughts articsid.

St Allie you might have a good idea there I may just try that with their kits to see if it keeps them trouble free.
If you stir everything up and then rack it.. it kind of defeats the purpose of racking it hehhehe

just do the whole fermentation in the secondary and be done with it!


By transfering everything from primary to a secondary vessel you can cut down on the headspace.These kits are 3 gallon ones and thats a big air space for the lower co2 amounts generated to keep a good blanket over the wine with. My primaries are all 7.9 gallon ones.Also with kits I'm not concerned with gross lees near as much as when I'm working with fruit or grape wines.

you said they had two kits? so they are making them separately?

I just did two orange muscat dessert wine kits.. and put them together in the same secondary.. it made it a 30 bottle size kit so I could just do both in the same carboy..

Yes I brought over 2 primary buckets so the kits could be started seperately. I've never had 2 identical kits going at the same time. So besides helping them get started in this great hobby I also figured I'd maybe learn something from this as well. Hopefully both will stay on the same time line and allow me to bring over 1 6.5 gallon carboy to transfer over both kits to when the instructions call for it.

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