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We are just beginning and when we went to take a hydrometer reading the hydrometer went to the bottom of the glass and did not float. My question is this: We used a tall beer glass and filled the glass approx.3/4 full. Was that not enough wine to float the hydrometer? The wine that we are trying to test is in the secondary and it has been fermenting for 11 days.Should we buy a regular graduated cylinder to do this test?
We're new and any help or advice would be appreciated.
PS: We couldn't get a reading but was able to sip the wine and it tastes really good so all was not lost!
I use a glass cylinder approximately 12" high--as high as the hydrometer is long will always work and I've found that a larger diameter cylinder is much easier to get a proper reading than a smaller diameter cylinder because the hydrometer needs to be "free floating"--not touching the sides of the cylinder. Hope this helps.
Also, remember to spin the hydrometer while it is floating and maybe even tap it a bit. This wii dislodge any bubble that might be sticking to it and causing it to float higher than it's true reading.
Good advise above.

I use a cylinder that is about 1,5 times the height
of the hydrometer. It has to be able to float free on all sides.