Hot Cinnamon Wine Ideas?

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Jan 24, 2010
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Looking for ideas to make a Hot Cinnamon wine. Something that would taste similar to red hots or the atomic fireball candies. I am thinking that coming up with the cinnamon flavor shouldn't be a problem but where does the heat come from? I don't think cinnamon oil is an option because it wouldn't mix with water... Any suggestions?
Thanks St Allie that is definitely an option I could look at. Maybe I will put together a 1 gal. batch and see what happens.
I have some red hots in my pantry that I was going to make Russian tea with (tang, instant ice tea with various spices and red hots. Serve hot like a mulled cider) but never did. Thing is, I looked one day and realized the little buggers were preservative free. Better yet, I got them from the dollar store. I really should make something out of them for next Christmas...