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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Just bought my second cooler to make my HLT. I also bought a 1500 watt hot ware heater element that I will be installing in this cooler and a Ranco controller to control the temp. Ill post pics as I build this.
Wade, have seen some of the pictorials on HBT on how to easily put these together? Heck, get another element and a pump and make you a RIMS setup.
I basically do now with the keggle except for the 3 tier gravity system. I am using. I dont now if Ill ever set it up as 1 tier cause I think the way it is set up now eliminates the need for a bigger footprint in my basement while not in use plus the gravity system makes sparging a little more easily adjustable for me I think, nice and slow and no elect. needed. Not to mention I dont really want to spend anymore $$$$$$$$$$. Believe me I am envious of your system though!

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