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Feb 7, 2007
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I'm a beginner, having made only a few batches of wine -- from kits, fresh grapes or fruit. I started an apricot wine from last summer's fruit 4 days ago using Lalvin K1-V1116 yeast. On the 10th, SG was 1082. Today it's 1060. I'll separate the pulp at 1050 or so and rack to carboy. I would like to periodically add sugar to raise the alcohol level. What SG should I shoot for to know when to add sugar? Can someone give me some basic steps?
Raising the SG to get more alcohol is dependend of course on
how much alcohol you are looking for.

Starting SG is 1082 so that would be around 10.8 % alcohol already.
Did you filter the juice before measuring ???

Look in the table for which alcohol level you are looking for and do the calculations.

You want 12% alcohol.
SG should be around 1090

At 1082 the sugars will be 2080 grams in 10 liter
At 1090 the sugar needs to be 2340 grams in 10 liter so you have to add:
2340 grams - 2080 grams is 260 grams.

But take my word for it, aim for a lower alcohol percentage.
Look in the shops average will be aroud 11 to 12 % alcohol.

Otherwise you will get jet-fuel in stead of wine :p

Thanks, Luc. No, I don't want jet fuel, just something with more body. I did not filter the wine (much) when I got the original SG.

So much to learn . . .

If you want more body add some boiled banana's or raisins.
They will both add body and mouthfeel. Be carefull because both will also raise the sugar levels.

Adding Oak chips could also help, or maybe you can buy some tannins if your wine would miss some 'bite' to it.

But first I would add sugar levels until appropriate or banana's or raisins and let it ferment out. Then at aging consider adding oak.

The best way is to taste first.

It is easy to put things into the wine, but once in you will never get them out again.

Luc --

I saw a post somewhere that you had used bananas to add body. Intriguing. And I understand there's practically 'no taste'? I think I may give it a try -- after letting the ferment finish and 'taste testing' to see what it's like.

Thanks a lot --
I have used banana juice in wines before.

I make the juice with a steam extractor, but you can boil banana's in water and use the juice.

At first you will think you have messed up because banana juice has a very strong odor and you think the complete wine will be banana wine.
But after a few days the banana smell will fade away.

If you wait longer (a few weeks) there will be no banana taste or smell left.
This is why banana juice is great for adding to wines.

Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself with a small batch or even with a bottle. :rolleyes: