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old woods rat

Jul 22, 2009
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A pre-novice from Arkansas. Don't know squat and need some help with excess blackberries and scuppernongs after the jelly and jam jars are filled.
Regards to all.
Hello old woods rat ( interesting name!)

and welcome to the forum.

scuppernongs are some form of grape aren't they?

Pretty much stick all the excess fruit into your freezer, we can give you a hand with the recipes once we know how much fruit you have to deal with.

Welcome to a great forum! :b
Check out our Recipe section.
What are scuppernongs? Is that a local fruit?
Scuppernongs are a grape similiar to Muscadines but are not indiginous to my area so I cant help you to much in that area but Im sure someone can and if not pm me as I do know a few people on another forum who can help you with that endeavor. Blackberries I have experience with as do many others on this forum so feel free to pick our minds. Glad to have you here.
Welcome aboard. Scuppernongs are a Muscadine variety. Muscadines have quite a few cultivers. For those that don't know, Muscadines are a grape variety that is in a different species (Vitis rotundifolia) than the normal European wine grapes (Vitis vinifera). They do not grow in clusters like European cultivers. Look for just about any Muscadine recipe and that will work just fine for you. Make sure you have an acid test kit. They are a very acidic grape.
Welcome to the sweet forum, U will surely find all the best and good information here, u can also learn more things from here, if u have any problems we have really nice people to help u , now tell me what u what more :D

WeLcOmE :D

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