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Oct 26, 2008
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Sue just took over this lil store from her father and has added and is continuing to add stuff for the home brewer. She'd be tickled if you drop an email and say Troy Sauve said I mentioned you on here.
We are very limited here for a shop to go into for home making supplies, I hope she does well, and I know she will. I have heard rumors they want to build an expansion just for home wine/beer stuff. I would like to see Steve contact them, a brew on the premises situation my or may not work well here, but I did hear it was considered.
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Checked out the ite and gave them high regards with your name as a referrence! wish I was there to check it out.
good luck

man that is some nice place, i thought the winters were nice in wisconsin. you folks got it made up there!. best of luck with the new place.

david look in the forums about chit chat, I posted a pictuere of the thermometer a few weeks back at-62F. I was born in Wisconsin and here in Alaska we don't measure windchill
:D It gets so cold, the wind don't blow

Frozen Cops.jpg
Good folk there Wade, been doing business with for a long time, like 20 yrs or so, she just took over from her father and is excited about fancy beers and wine, and she said she is really interested in a home brew supply end to her business. Thanks for dropping in and saying hi. Their like family to me. I make a pretty mean garlic, spicy dill pickle and she wants me to sell it there. Of course it's called Arctic Pickle. My logo is a pickle in a parka
something to do with the whole gmail thing I'll work it out she will be back tommorrow, it would be a great inspiration for her to hear from you. Stand by

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