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Aug 31, 2009
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Hi all, me again
just finishing my second batch of apple wine and it smells of rotten eggs.
I know there are already threads on this but I have added campden and sorbate so would it be ok to splash rack or just leave it and pray???
Hydrogen-sulfide gas manifests itself as the smell of rotten eggs.

Pour the wine from one container to another for a few minutes to aerate it.

Refit the airlock and wait a few hours.

If the smell persists, repeat the procedure.

If the smell persists after four such procedures, destroy the batch.

I had the same problem recently with a 5 gallon batch. Upon advice from Wade I sulfited and splash racked twice. Then stirred the whole batch with a clean and sanitized copper pipe. It still smelled of H2S, so I kind of gave up and left it under airlock in a 6 gallon carboy. Today it's fine and going in bottles any day now.
Thanks, I'll do that now. Actually today the smell is not as bad. Maybe all is not lost
YESSSSSSS! splash racked twice and left to evaporate out about an hour. Nearly a week later and the smell is gone I say, gone!
Thanks for the help. Until next time.......
Excellent WA! Patience is the most important thing. I am glad it is coming around for you. Please don't hesitate or be shy about asking questions, we all want everyone to enjoy success in their wine making.

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