help my juice has not fermented

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Apr 4, 2018
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had some oitched fresh juice sitting in my pail and in refrigerator for several months. too many projects taking my time away from my hobby. took it out and ledt at room temp for 8 hrs tried to start the fermentation process with SG reading 1.040, not a good start. Added yeast nutrient, booster rouge, nothing happened. i tried adding more yeast, nutrients, fermentation booster and nothing for 2!!!! what can I do now to get this moving? any suggestion appreciated!!!!
thanks for the reply. Sorry about that, i added Uvaferm VRB and yes, i measured the SG with a hydrometer.

do you think i coukd buy a 6gal kit and start it as a 5 gal Sangiovese rhen add my 6 gal of dead Sangiovese juice to produce a 11 gal wine?
Okay, can you clarify the timeline a bit?
-You bought the juice and stored it cold for a few months.
-You took it out of the fridge for 8 hours.
-You measured the SG to be 1.040; was this shortly after you took it out of the fridge? Did you measure it before you put it in the fridge?

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