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Jan 27, 2008
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hi every body firstly i am living in saudi arabia it know as alcahol forbidin country firstly here is very hard to find a good quality and fresh grape so i want to ask every body there is sparkling grape juice %100 no preservative added can i use this juice after removing the carbonhidrate to make wine:eek: :rolleyes:
not sure about sparkling, but you can pretty much use any store-bought juice, whether grape, apple, etc. Just so long as it is 100% juice with no presevatives or additives (look at the ingredients and make sure there is nothing in it except juice).
I would buy a bottle and stir it like hell so
no bubbles or carbon is left in it.
Then stir some more.

Next I would taste it.

Personally I suspect the taste will be very thin, and little tannin
(that is why they put the bubbles in to give it some byte)
Think of cola without bubbles..........

If it is thin you will have to tweak it to make a decent
juice from it which would be suitable for winemaking
like adding raisins and bananajuice, tea bags for tannin etc.

I suggest to make wine from the fruits that might be
available like dades, figs or prickly pears etc.


thanx for information it is good idea to ad some fruits but i like white wine i dont like mix anything but also good idea to try with other juise and i would like to add the link of the jusie i told maybe it is give you idea it is %100 franch sparkling juice

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