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Oct 3, 2018
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I'm making my first wine - a Master Vintner Pinot Noir kit. I'm on day 4 and just realized that I added my yeast nutrient way too early! Initial SG was 1.092. Day 2, I thought was at 1.040, which is when the instructions said to add the yeast nutrient. Now on Day 4 it's at 1.052, which didn't make sense, so I went back to the picture I took of Day 2 hydrometer and it as 1.140! I misread it! But it also doesn't make sense that the SG would increase from 1.092 to 1.140 in the first day of fermentation, does it? Can anyone help me explain how this happened? And should I consider adding more yeast nutrient now that I'm in the actual range where instructions said to add nutrient, or should I just ride it out & hope the fermentation finishes? Tomorrow is Day 5 & the instructions say to rack on Day 5 with target SG of 1.010-1.020, so we'll see if it's near that SG or not...
If your airlock is bubbling you should be fine, I've added my yeast nutrient when I added my campden tablets and had no problems. It was early on in my wine making and I just made a mistake when I read my recipe. Also you don't have to rack on a tight schedule if your gravity hasn't gotten down to your target and it's still bubbling just wait a day or two and take another reading.
With active fermintaion co2 bubbles will stick to hydrometer and float it.
Tap the top and read quickly.
Never mind the instructions, as to days.
They are guessing based on averages.
Kit yeast will be fine, i say ride it to 1.010 or less even if it takes 10 days.
It seems that kit makers are afraid to say a kit might take a year to be its best. Too many new people would never try if they saw that on a label.
I agree with @meadmaker1 , and, further to his point: it isn't really possible (as you suspected) for your SG to increase to 1.140. Ergo, there must have been an error along the way, and Keith's suggestion is as good as any. One tip is spin the hydrometer in your fingers to dislodge any confounding bubbles.
Thanks, all! I tried the spin & it seemed to help. Those damn bubbles! SG was 1.022 today, so I'm continuing to stay the course and will rack into the secondary in the morning.

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