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Feb 21, 2010
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Hello everyone - my name is Jon - and i have been making wine for 5 years now. My wife's grandfather makes wine (more like shine :h) and i took an interest in it. I have always used store bought grapes and i have finally made a good tasting wine. The first few years were rough - wish i found this site at that time. This year i found a vineyard that sells wine grapes to home winemakers - so i plan to tackle a chardonel and a seyval wine this year.

Will let you all know how they turn out!!!

Great forum - have been on for a few weeks and i have had nothing but great folks and great answers!!!

Welcome, 3352. We have quite a few MO winemakers here. Which vinyards do you get your grapes from?
Thanks - and I would be getting my grapes from the St. Francois Vinyard located in Bonne Terre, MO.
Welcome Neighbor, New to winemaking myself but learning every day. I live across the river in IL. just follow I-64 east to MP 110, exit north and you are here. And you are right, very nice folks on this site with lots of info and thus far I haven't encountered anyone with an agenda.
Welcome 3352, using the store bought grapes would be a hard challenge to make a decent wine out of due to the great imbalance in sugar to acid, not to mention most fruits in grocery stores are picked way to early leaving you with much less flavor.
Very true - that is probably why i needed to add more sugar and acid to my must than a wine grape would probably require.
Actually the acids would most likely be higher as they go down the longer they are on the vine.
Yeah - you are right again - i looked at my notes - last year i got them in early october and the acid was alot lower than the years i got my grapes in late august.

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