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Feb 3, 2010
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Hi all, newbie here (have found this forum helpful already, so thanks).

So far I have only done a few kits, all Vinter's Reserve

Pinot Noir (in bottles)-didn't turn out so hot by the way
Riesling (ready to bottle this week)
Cab Suv (in primary)

Whats not so hot about it, is it thin and seem watered down cause thats pretty much how almost every smaller lower end red wine kit will be. If you want a bigger wine then youll have to step up to a 15-18 liter grape skin kit IMO. Welcome to this site and ask any questions you have, thats why we are here!
Dario, Welcome to a great forum!
Let us know what you plan on making next so we can "guide" you to make a better wine.
Wade E, the wine is very thin and watered down, but it also has a "funny" off taste, I think I put too much meta bi-sulfade in it when I stabilized.

Seems like quite a few people here have been getting a similar result (watered down taste) from these smaller kits.

Any suggestions on s nice dry red kit?

I think I'm gona try that Chilean Juice from Erie (my father-in-law has tried the Malbec and it turned out really nice)

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