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Jan 27, 2010
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Hello Wine making world,

So I have been making Wine and Mead since the 5th of Feb 2010. I am really enjoying it so far and Plan on making much more Wine, mead and Beer LOL almost addicted .

I Live in Western Australia so it is a bit of an effort to keep the wines cool enough for the yeast(Today's temp should be 40 degrees Celsius).

Hopefully I continue making wines for a long time from now, maybe even start a winery or Brewery, you never know how far a hobby can take you.

Cheers for the help so far hope I can help in the future
hello and welcome to the group phaz..

so glad not to be in your 40 celsius heat!.. hopefully you have air cond inside somewhere? or stone floors in your laundry? bathroom or laundry should be the coolest spot to keep your wines if that's any help.

We've got 91+% humidity and 25 celsius here.. it's like walking through steam.. worst february in years.


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