Heading to Myrtle Beach!

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Jan 4, 2010
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Heading to south carolina (myrtle beach) in a couple days. found about 3 nearby wineries. Any ones that i absolutly need to stop out and checkout? Or any other good places to go?:a1
Without their names no one can say. Stop at all 3 if you have time. This is where you can get some info if you talk to the right person.
caught ya on the "what r u doing today" post...i visited carolina vineyard winery at barefoot landing. southern belle was my favorite:dg
Surprises me they will still let wine in the town??
I had heard a while back they were going to put an end to the big Harley get together they had there every year. Too much noise.
All those noisey wine drinkers will be next.
the carolina vineyard winery's new spot in barefoot landing IS right next to the carousel...i could see problems with that:sh

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