Hazy Muscadine wine

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Agreed Dawg. I added another dose of enzyme to the carboys today. I'm so glad to see them clearing up. Most of my sponging children and grandchildren turned their noses up at my murky wine, but they will be quick to take a bottle of this clarified wine home.
I have never used tannin before. Can someone advise me how and if I should use it on this wine? Will it add to the clarity?
you know what sponging children are lol =STD's
i often ask you questions, and i read what you say to others, but wow you are scientific, of course that not only helps my hayseed butt, but many others on here as well,,,,,
I done the same exact thing, I have a 13 and 1/2 gallon pot for distilling, And I had so many muscadines the green ones and because it wasn't a pot I put heat to it did not quite boil them but I let them steam. I wound putting them all in a mesh bag crushed and juiced them the best I could everything was going good and looking good I had two air locks on the pot because the holes was already there and they just kept on full force. I've racked it twice now all activity has stopped my gravity didn't change. I put extra sugar in it can't remember my reading I have it wrote down but not with me. But now I have 16% ABV and it tastes very good, as expected. I have the same haze I have not tried any clarifiers as of yet. It has just been sitting in the temperature controlled room I know it will clear I don't know how long it will take I will add sparkaloid I don't use bentonite any longer I plan on using pectic enzyme for manufacturers recommendations and probably put an extra half teaspoon, then let's set for 2 weeks if that doesn't do it then I will assume it's protein and use some bentonite give it a few more weeks and then go to sparkaloid until then I'll be watching this thread carefully please keep us updated I'll do the same, thanks guys for all your input still a newbie at this I must be doing something right knock on wood 50 different batches approximately and I have not had any vinegar.

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