Has MLF started or just CO2?

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Aug 6, 2019
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Crushed red grapes 6 days ago (1 pail of Syrah, 1 pail of Sangiovese), threw a bit of Sodium Meta then left on a cool garage for almost 24 hours. Next day I inoculated with yeast. Every day twice a day I punched the cap and aerated the must. Maceration went on for 5 1/2 days. Checked yesterday with the hydrometer and 0% in one of them, the other had 1% so I pressed and filled 1 carboy with each of these. While filling the carboy I splashed the wine in the walls to get as much CO2 or O2 stucked within the wine + I threw some oak chips. After 30-40 mins both of the carboys are release some small bubbles and this has been going on for almost 18 hours now.
Is there a chance that spontaneous MLF has started or still CO2 being released. I wanted to buy some mlf culture but the winesupply store that I have nearby apparently doesn't usually stock em.
Most local HBS don't generally carry MLB, it has a tendancy to get old before they sell it. I always have to buy online. If you have never done an MLF before, I would be very surprised if it just started up spontaneously. It could have, but generally it requires some bacteria to really kick it off. More than likely it is just more CO2 escaping.

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