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  1. A

    Has MLF started or just CO2?

    Hi, Crushed red grapes 6 days ago (1 pail of Syrah, 1 pail of Sangiovese), threw a bit of Sodium Meta then left on a cool garage for almost 24 hours. Next day I inoculated with yeast. Every day twice a day I punched the cap and aerated the must. Maceration went on for 5 1/2 days. Checked...
  2. KAndr97

    Using CO2 to deal with H2S

    So I'm making some Strawberry wine with 71b and I've ended up with some H2S. It's very noticeable, albeit a lot better with a splashy racking. I'm sure that I can fix it with a few more of these, but I'm also sure that I'll oxidize the heck out of my wine in doing this. Would it be possible to...
  3. Tall Grass

    Do you like the taste of CO2 ?

    This question likely excludes the wine snobs and anybody that only knows how to make wine kits from start to finish without interruption. But I wonder who else likes the taste of a strong wine with the flowing gases of CO2 as part of that mix. I think it's just an added benefit.. not so...