Do you like the taste of CO2 ?

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Tall Grass

May 10, 2009
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This question likely excludes the wine snobs and anybody that only knows how to make wine kits from start to finish without interruption. But I wonder who else likes the taste of a strong wine with the flowing gases of CO2 as part of that mix. I think it's just an added benefit.. not so much a bubbling champagne as some might call it but that unmatched flavour of the carbon gases that enrich a young wine, bite the tongue and bring a world of needless entertainment to the wine.. I love it...

I've got a feeling tonight and its very good, it tastes good and I'm so glad this wine is totally saturated with carbon dioxide. The wine snobs can take a hike :h
All right Tall, not a snob amongst us as far as I can tell. My backpack is loaded and ready, always has been, and the 12 guage is next to the door

I am always ready to take a hike.

I don't personally like the taste of co2, but I live with an outhouse, so my tolerances are probably different than yours.

Wine making is like making spaghetti, is there really the "best" way to do it? Follow some basic guidelines and you will enjoy some success, ask, and then do something different, and you may still enjoy some success, but you may find the answers to your questions may not come so readily. Please don't ask what you don't want to know.

As for me, yeah, I'll deal with the co2. Do I like it?, hell no!!

Do I like the smell? Hell no!

Don't forget the parmasan cheese.:D
(wine snob)

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