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Nov 29, 2009
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I made a 3 gallon batch of Hard Cider. I used Fresh apple cider, added some sugar, acid blend, tannin, pectic enzyme powder, yeast energizer. I used Champagne Yeast. Starting SG was 1.060. Bottling SG was 1.000. At final rack I added Ascorbic Acid. I split the batch at Bottling into Still and Sparkling.
I added some Wine Conditioner to the Still to sweeten it up and added Campden tablets.
First question: When I added the Campden tablets the hard cider became cloudy. It was not cloudy before. Any Idea what I should do differently next time? Now, about a month after bottling, I have noticed it has become slightly sparkling. The good news is it taste much better then at bottling time!
The 2nd part of the batch I ONLY added some sugar and bottled to make sparkling. This part of the batch did not become cloudy, but as time as gone by, has sediment at the bottom of the bottles. (expected as the fermentation has continued.) Now as a month has gone by, the sparkling has a nice sparkle to it.
2nd question: What should I do with the Sparkling batch? It is in my brewing box at 73 degrees. Should I move it to the Wine cooler or the refrigerator?
As for the Sparkling batch, just keep it in a room that stays dark as light tends to ruin wine. As for the still batch, Im not sure why but iy does happen occasionally with campden tablets. Campden tablets have a filler in them which holds the tablets together and that substance(not sure what it is) can sometimes cloud up a wine.Just another reason to buy it in powder form.