Grape vines picking timelines?

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Jun 22, 2009
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If I've read correctly, a grape vine normally takes three years to start producing.
What is the general time line you have experenced.
Three years for a few, then more every year after that if you take good care of them?
you can get two yrs for a production is your site and vine is vigorous...not that i would expect this of 100% of the vines f a particular variety...some vines even though the same variety and right next to each other just seem to grow slower or faster than the next one....but it can be done...however i would not load the 2nd yr crop heavy on a vine at all..i would let some hang for purposes of your chance to get a wine in yr two and start making some wine and getting some practice under your belt

yr three on a vigorous var. then you can take a fair crop and ramp up

i took 4 tons from 60% of my vines last yer ( yr 3)...and removed grapes from the other 40%....some were yr 3 but i thought needed more bulk to the vine,,some were yr 2....
Thanks for the information. I knew they had to start getting some age on them before they produced.
you are in fla, so i dont know your situation personally....vine structure and bulk weighs important in my deciding whether to let any clusters hang...the vine stands to be in your vineyard a long whats a year or two (or 3 ) among friends :)