Spraying grape vines in winter zone 6

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Jan 4, 2022
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The Poconos
I'm very new to grape growing and I have only 3 vines for consumption only. Last year I had a few problems with brown spots/mildew etc. I've never sprayed the vines so this year I decided to take care of them much better. The vines are Concord and Himrod. Do I spray them with anything in winter while they are dormant?
This is a zone five point of view, Spraying on dormant tissue doesn’t do anything. The infections target primary young growth therefore spraying starts when events as bud break happen, or may target flowering/ pollination.
Mancozeb is competent for control today and I spray less often than when I started with captan or sulfur or benolate fungicides.
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I’ve used mancozeb with jms stylet oil and have had pretty good results. I don’t spray until bud break and then follow the spray program listed in their directions. I live in the mid Hudson valley and have Concord and Frontenac. And something I have no idea what it is but it’s an early blooming table grape of some kind. The Stylet Oil you can use right up to harvest.
Mid-Missouri zone 6b. I also spray my grapes (Concords and table) with dormant oil when I spray my fruit trees. Sometimes I spray a mix of dormant oil and copper.

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