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Aug 20, 2019
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Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have a 7 acre vineyard and grow many types of hybrid wine grapes. Looking for customers in the south central PA area. I am new to wine making and am wondering what is the best source for recipes. I prefer dry wines.
Thanks!! Looking forward to learning from y'all.
Welcome! Seven acres? What varieties? How old are your vines? We have just under two acres of hybrids in SW Virginia, the oldest section is in the fourth leaf - we are adding in increments of 1/3 acre a year or roughly 250 to 300 vines (except for that stupid 2020 when we planted 600). This year looks to be promising if we can defeat the Japanese Beetles, Black Rot (looking at you Marquette, Traminette, Vidal), Powdery Mildew (again Tram and Vidal) and Critters ((#@^$ racoons).

As to recipes, just follow the standard practice for red and white grape wines - More Wine has some guides. The varieties have some different practices - one hybrid red is suggested not to keep on the skins too long - I'll look that up -seems like it might be DeChaunac.

Are you taking care of seven acres yourself? I'm struggling with two and like an idiot planning for more.
follow the standard crush the red and ferment the grapes with skin. crush the whites press and ferment the juice. adjust sg to about 1090 and acid adjust to range of 3.3-3,5 the problem with hybrids could be lack of tannin and high acid. high acid add calcium carbonate. low tannin add powdered tannin at fermentation start. there are variations from this but a good wine making book should help . visit Winemaker magazine web site I believe they have books to help.
Welcome to WMT. That's fantastic, how many types?
Birds around here love marquette - it is the one variety we need to net.
I just planted so we will see in a few years. I expect birds and raccoons will be a issue.

Regarding your search for grape buyers, we have Wisconsin Grape Growers Association here and I noticed they have a buy/sell page that sees a bit of use. They may have something similar in PA or neighboring states. That, or check with the local viticulture programs at surrounding universities.