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Wanted Grape cuttings wanted

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Dec 15, 2018
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Central Maryland
I would like any type of wine grapevine cuttings you have as pruning happens this winter, will pay shipping. I'd like to try improving my skills and use my grafting tool on grapes. It worked pretty well on apple last year, but I'd like to improve with grape before relying on anything actually living later on. I wished I had played a bit more before all the apple. I may need to buy different shape blades, and want to test what I have. This is test and proof of concept for me, so I don't have much concern for what, just that the grapes be similar to what I will grow. My wild grapevine shattered a lot and wasn't great, hopefully the wine grapes work better. No one I know grows grapes, so nowhere to grab material locally.
😂 I guess I should say for shipping purposes , I am in Maryland.
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