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May 23, 2013
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I just got a bucket from pardo and it was active fermenting

My sg read was 1.05

I immediately put kmeta but would appreciate feedback as if this a lost cause or if i can save it somehow.

it is not lost, did you check to make sure that the company you bought the bucket did not add the yeast? Some companies do this. Add k-meta will not stop the fermentation but you may get a stuck fermentation. I would suggest that you add another pack of yeast 12 hours after you added the k-meta.
My Pinot Noir was too. Mine read 1.080. I dosed it with kmeta and next day pitched RC-212. We will see what happens.
I have used before and it came without anything added just refrigerated.

Anyways i sent email out asking about this situation to the distributor.

So if it was wild, i shall just keep from this point forward or should i add sugar before i get my yeast in place?
I won't add sugar, the distributor should be able to tell you what the sg was, I would think it was 1.090.

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