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Jun 27, 2009
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is it possible to freeze elderflowers and rose petals for later use as at the moment i have no demijohns free but there are lots of flowers about
Yes, well maybe ehhhhhh.

Ok I have frozen dandelions for longer periods and that works fine.

I also have frozen rose petals for a longer period, which also works fine. Rose petals however tend to oxidise in the long run, which shows by them getting brown. So if they start to get brown it is time to start making wine. It will take a few months to get to that stadium.

I am at this moment doing a test with frozen elderflowers. Looks promissing however I hope to bottle before my holliday so I can give you the results. In the mean time: freeze them, better as throwing away........

Keep an eye on my web-log, because if I can still find the time I will post the results of my frozen elderflower wine there before I go on my holliday to France.

Just a thought. I've never tried it myself, but would freezing them in a mild sulphite solution work? Would it stop the browning?
Elderflowers in north oxfordshire are only just showing white.
Regards to all, Winemanden.
maybe freeze them in ice cubes/blocks...this always works with my herbs...never tried it on petals, though.
The results are in !!!

Yes you can freeze elderflower with good results.

Look at my web-log for the story and elderflower recipe.