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Oct 3, 2008
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I have some fresh fruit, some frozen fruit and some canned stuff i wanna get rid of, thinking about chucking it all in a primary and see what i get, here's what I've got:

1lb blackberries
1lb grapes from store (dark purple outside)
a ton of fresh apples
a ton of fresh pears from my yard
a can of pineapple chunks
a can of blueberry pie filling
1l bottle of peach juice ( juicy juice)

Sound ok to mix all this, or will it be a fruity nightmare?
Check the pie filling and juicy juice containers to see if sorbate is listed, if it is you may have trouble getting it started.
I didn't use the pineapple, and i always check for preservatives when i use anything other than fresh fruit. Instead of adding the pineapple, i made a seperate gallon with that and some fresh Kiwi fruit.

The mixed berry is fermenting nicely and smells pretty yummy.

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