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May 16, 2009
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I finished my first ever batch using grape juice from wineexpert. It was shiraz/zin blend and it is very floral and light in taste. I started my second batch of wine which is a old vine zin batch and it to smells very floral while it is still in the carboy on its last stages. Is there something I can do to get more tannins and acidity out of the batch? Adding oak which I am doing currently.

First of all welcome to the site! Second what winexpert kits do you have?If its the 4 week kit it can be a little light in body. Adding bannanas during fermentation can help add more body to the wine. Tannin additions can help some but you don't want to add too much.
Young wine (or beer/mead for that matter) will always be 'funky'. That floral smell will age out with time.

Never rush the process, and be patient once bottled.
1st what you smell may be just the yeast fermenting.
2nd need more info was it Selections Vintners Reserve... etc
I agree as young wines will always have thse smells and tastes and thats what aging a wine is all about, to let it all blend in and actually become part of its profile instead of its main course. The smaller wine kits will almost always be lacking body!

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