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Sep 22, 2009
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I've made 100's of batches of beer, recently enrolled in a commercial winemaking program, and just started home winemaking to get a jump on things before my lab classes start in the college's winery.

anywho, right after I pitched the yeast, I added some Stavin oak bean to my Chardonnay in a muslin bag, and it is floating high on the surface of the must.

I didn't expect the oak to sink (or not yet anyway -- maybe when it gets wetter and the must less dense?), but the bag seems to catch the CO2 and float very high, limiting oak contact with the must.

So: A) will the oak settle in more eventually? B) should I get rid of the bag it is in?

thanks very much!


Personally I would not use the bag, but many folks do use it.

I would recommend that you go in once a day and turn the oak bag under, and stir gently.

Welcome aboard, I would not use the bag either. While the oak will float for a while it will still have some contact of every piece. When you rack it will be easy to rack off the cubes.

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