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Nov 28, 2008
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I bought some 48 hour turbo yeast, sanitized 2 milk jugs in the dishwasher, filled them with about 96 oz each of blueberry pomegranate juice, and added 1 half-cup of sugar to each, 1 tablespoon of the turbo yeast, shook it up, then made the lids really loose... Should I expect some decent DRINKABLE wine? I'm worried because the yeast says not to use an air-lock and I bought one to find out I didn't need it, so I'm hoping just the loosened lids is ok...

Please any comments and help are very welcome


It should make a nice fruit wine. I havent used the turbo yeast on a wine before. You will need the airlock once fermentation slows down as thats when air becomes the enemy to a wine, right now it on your side making your yeast multiply and become healthy. What was the starting gravity.
If the juice has no preservatives it ought to be just fine depending on the yeast profile. I made an almost exact wine except I just bought the jugs of juice and added yeast. The SG was almost spot on where I wanted it and the acidity was spot on. I basically bought 3 gallons of the Pom/Blueberry juice at Wal Mart and added a pack of Champagne yeast. It fermenter to dry and I back sweetened with a simple sugar solution. It was a very good and easy drinking fruit wine.
Well it doesn't say "NO PRESERVATIVES" anywhere, but on the other hand I don't see it saying it has them either... How will I know? Also, I didn't take a specific gravity reading this time, as it's such a small batch I didn't really want to waste any. I'll be sure to do that from now on I didn't know you guys would ask me about it, sorry.

Thanks for the replies I appreciate it a lot!
Turbo yeast is for distilling isn't it?

I know Luc has warned me not to use it for fruit wines, said he had once and the result was less than drinkable. At least it's a small batch.. the yeast will be a violent fermentation so keep an eye on it, could be messy.

read this thread for Lucs comments on turbo yeast..

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