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Sep 25, 2009
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ok i started my adventure with a you tube video making wine out of frozen welchs grape concentrate it turned out ok so yea got hooked now i purchase a one gallon wine kit with a whiet wine concentrate after getting my kit i relized they forgot instructions on how to make wine from this so i emailed them for a reply and had to contact the makers of this white wine concentrate they told me i could do this with this that it was used for adding body to a wine anyway i got a recipe for one gallon peach so anyway i followed it to a T with al ingredents i even sterlized everything .the starting s.g was 1.105 brix .25 alcohol .14 i did not do a acid test at this point did not think was important.every thing went good remove the fruit pulp and most of sediment. before i put it into the secondary i decided to do a s.g on the must it went straight to the bottom of test tube it never floated like the first time is this normal the ph at this time was a 4 and the must was verry heavy and verry yellow did i take my second reading to soon do i take after racking and it clears up in a few months before bottling or do i need to add somthing. :?
Don't get excited, it'll be OK. If the hydrometer didn't float then something is wrong with it. More likely it floated very low (did you take note of the reading) which means most of the sugar had already been converted to alcohol. After being in the secondary with air lock just allow it to clear. After it has cleared rack off the sediment into another vessel with air lock and add one crushed camden tablet/gallon. If you like a dry wine you can bottle in a month or so and nothing more is required. If you plan to sweeten it up you'll have to add 1/2tsp of potassium sorbate per gallon.
I am curious as to the concentration of the wine - were you supposed to add additional water? If you used peaches along with the grape concentrate, it may be > 1 gallon, based upon the # of lbs of fruit. Just a thought :)
Did the whol hydrometer go under cause if thats the case there is something wrong with the hydrometer but like Sacalait said Im also guessing that its reading very low as it should be because 1 gallon batches fermnt very fast and usually very dry as a whole packet of yeast can really do a job on a small amount of must. a ph of 4 is high usually indicating your TA(acid) is low. Raising the acid a little will lower the ph a little but doing so should be done wih an acid test kit. you can either just leave it alone as this is only a 1 gallon batch but it wuld also be a good time to start learning these approaches. You wont be able to get it perfect cause you would mst likely have to add too much acid.

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