First MLF - how much longer would you let this go?

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Aug 19, 2012
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Long time poster, first time MLFer. :h

I have a Syrah and a locally grown Chambourcin. I tested each carboy just for fun and practice. I pitched CH16 on 10/12.

I'm thinking I maybe still see the slightest hint of malic in the Chambourcin, but the Syrah looks done. Agree? And thoughts on the timing of repeat test or Kmeta?

Thanks in advance.

+1 what Jim says, they look pretty much done. Give it a couple of weeks and add Kmeta. You are in no hurry since they finished so quickly. Mine have tested like they are done for 3+ weeks and I haven't Kmeta'd yet. Had planned on doing the Lanza Zin today, but life got in the way (in a good way).

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