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Hi, Everyone!

I've been making wine for 8 years. I have been making mostly fruit wines, but I now have a 1/4 acre vineyard, and I expect to make several varieties of grape wine. My vineyard is in Illinois; I am growing Marechal Foch, Norton, Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, Traminette, and Vignoles.

I have made blackberry, elderberry, strawberry, plum, cherry, and apple wines.
How did you end up with a vinyard? :DI think you will enjoy this forum for any questions that you might have.
Welcome Waterguy! wish i had the land to do so but the only sunlight I get hits my house and not much of my yeard except the very front. I have very tall trees in my woods that block the sun so cant even grow a garden! :(
Welcome waterguy! Are you a member of the IGGVA too?
With some of the vines you have you must be in southern IL. cab. franc doesnt like my chicagoland area cold at all.I'll be replanting the space they had with marquette this spring.Hope you like it here and hang around for some grape growing talk too.

I've been compaining all day because I can't afford fruit to make wine, then Brad shows up, he has all kinds of fruit rotting on the ground and now, you come in and say you have a vinyard. Cool! Hope you are able to enjoy some successes with it, and Brad as well. I am confident you will be able to get the advice you need here. You already have some of the members drooling!!:)


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