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Feb 23, 2009
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Got my new equipment on Sunday, and immediately sanitized and got down to business.. I've been brewing beer for a while now, so the adjustment to wine is a bit easier than I thought.. No boiling, steeping, etc... I sanitzed with a B-T-F Iodophor Sanitizer, which for me is easy to use as I've used it for a while now making beer.. I got the Vinifera Noble Cabernet Sauvignon Kit which is about 50% juice, 50% water into the primary. My hydrometer is 1.094 @ 70 degrees, which looks to be right on mark..

I have 3 questions at this point.. Per instructions I have not pressed down and sealed the top of the primary.. It says to wait 24-48 hours to allow oxygen to get the yeasties working.. Is this standard procedure for all wines??

2nd question... Both my wife and I love oaky cabs.. The directions say to add oak chips to the carboy at the first racking.. Is it going to hurt anything to add them to the primary tonight after I stir and seal the must? I was then going to get another 3 oz of oak chips and add to the carboy at first racking.. Is this overkill on the Oak?

3rd question... How have your experiences been with these beginner relatively inexpensive juice kits??

I can tell that just like my beer making, this could become an obsession!!:)
Whine, at least you recognize your new obsession:)We talk alot about that here!!:D
Whine, at least you recognize your new obsession:)We talk alot about that here!!:D

I absolutely do!! It's a great feeling to open a beer I made myself and enjoy every last drop.. I hope to achieve the same results making wine..:D
My wife is already asking when we can start a reisling.. I told her we need to get more buckets and a couple extra carboys, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking maybe I should wait and see how this batch turns out.. The waiting is the hardest part! I'm guessing 4-6 months until first "official" taste..

The best part is this is something we are doing together, she wanted nothing to do with brewing beer!:eek: