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May 30, 2010
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Costa Rica
Originally I thought that for clarification purposes that gelatin was used for white wine and bentonite for red. Guess that's not true. My question - if bentonite does not quite clear the wine well enough could gelatin follow to more finely clear the wine without affecting the taste?
Can you get standard clearing agents where you are like, Isinglass, Sparkolloid or super-kleer?
Most use betonite in the primary. Alot of homebrewers use gelaten to clear beer. This can be ok in wine but there are better ones to use.
I have used Bentonite for my whites and it worked well, it was just a glob of mess. I however didn't let it sit over night.

I use sparkelloid for reds, fruits and I'm going to use it for my whites as well now. All work well however if your wine is holding a lot of CO2 then it will take longer to clear. The CO2 is holding the sediment in suspension.
Super Kleer for everything, red, white or stripped. Super Kleer is super. :b

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