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Sep 28, 2009
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Wifey and I made a kit batch of Orchard Breezn' Blueberry Shiraz on Saturday. We followed the directions that came with the kit, and pitched the yeast on top on Saturday night. I saw what I thought was a bit of activity last night in the air-lock (one of those danged 3pc ones :S). This morning when I checked on it, it looks like the heat belt dropped and the batch had gone down to 68 or so deg. Now tonight when I checked, no more activity. Did I kill the fermentation with the brief cold snap? I took an SG reading, and it's 1.050, same as original SG measurement. Should I wait it out, or pitch new yeast?

Just get it back up to temp and give it a good stir but haver some yeast on hand. Cold will not harm yeast just put it to sleep but it sounds like it never started.
Seems to have started up now :) TY.

Got the temp back up to about 73ish and gave it a good stir, air lock is bubbling now at about 1 per 2secs or so. Also wrapped a blanket with the heat belt to try and keep the temp up.

Sorry for the panic attack lol
Now that it is warmed up take that blanket off and monitor it often as a good fermentation can raise the temp around 5* by itself and with a brew belt on there it can possibly get too hot causing off flavors. The blanket might night be a good idea wrapped over an electric hot belt anyway. The brew belt will do fine all by itself or when it gets going good shut that off and just use the blanket.

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