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Feb 27, 2010
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A real attention getter.

whoa! im WAY to inebriated to look at that !! freaking cool as all get out!
:D its still pretty flipping cool the morning after!!! come share some creativity with me!!! :D
That's cool. Reminds me of those photos, one way you see a ugly old hag then later you see a beautiful woman. Wait, that was at the bar last night. :) :) :)
This is a painting done by artist Lewis Lavioe for the United Nations. I think it makes an interesting and unusual label.

There is a mosaix program I saw once that you could take a picture, then select a group of other pictures and it randomly placed the group of pictures where they were needed to create a mosaix of the original. I played with it once or twice but not to much.
I'm not sure which one it was. I would have to check my PC at home and see which one it was. It has been a couple years since I looked at it.

the one winemaker mentioned sounds familiar based on the link.
sometimes we create a label...sometimes we just find something that's already....................... perfect


nothing wrong with using an already perfect image.
Very cool! Sounds like an interesting wine blend as well, how did it turn out or is too early to tell?

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