Extra large harvests.. what to do with it all?

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St Allie

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Mar 6, 2009
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Bit of an experiment really. After kiljoy mentioned the mason jars on another thread.. I thought.. well? why not just process extra fruit into juice and store it in mason jars for winter wine making?

So last night I boiled up strawberry guavas, on a 1 part fruit to 2 parts water ratio, pressed the fruit dry and ended up with 8 litres of juice from 2.5 kilos of fruit.. I will reboil, can the juice and water bath it for 20 mins.

Am running out of room in the freezer, all my carboys are in use and have dozens of mason jars free at the moment. It's time consuming but at least I'm not buying juice and the fruit is all organic. Does anyone else bother processing juice for later?

Just out of curiosity, why did you add water to them? It would have taken up much less space and mason jars not using the water.
I added the water because I found a recipe for guava wine.. and the recipe said to boil up the fruit with that amount of water, then strain and continue with the recipe. This way I know that when I open the jars to do that recipe.. I can just pour the juice in, add the sugar , pectin enzyme and yeast.

Have boiled up the feijoas with water on a one to one ratio this morning, bottling that later today.

I vaguely recall someone winning gold medals with guava wines.. thing is ..there really aren't many recipes online for them, so am going to have to make it up anyway.

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