Extended maceration

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Brunello is 100% Sangiovese. But to answer your question, no. As long as your sanitation and O2 control is good there shouldn't be a problem.

Which grapes are you using? What are you hoping to accomplish by extending maceration?

With Brunello the idea is to maximize tannin extraction. Tannin give the wine the ability to age for a long time. It also means that bulk aging will be at least two years and bottle aging another two before the wine is ready to drink. But another couple of years in the bottle may be necessary to smooth out the tannins and integrate the oak. When done correctly with good fruit the results can be stunning.
This all started because I was going to be out of town and not able to rack within two weeks. I thought I would experiment and see what four weeks would accomplish. This is a Sangiovese / Cab FWK. I pitched RC 212 on June 6 SG 1.110. It dropped to 1.000 and I snapped the lid under airlock on June 11. pH was 3.64. So it’s been 16 days under air lock at 70 F. Would you rack now or let it go a bit more. I suppose I was hoping for more extraction.