Elderberry fermentation running too cool?

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Feb 21, 2021
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Northern California
I started a 5-gal batch of elderberry a little over a week ago. ~18lb fruit cold soaked for 4 days, then left to warm up overnight, crushed by hand, treated with pectinase and pitched yeast starter (BM4X4). I'm punching down/mixing in the fruit 2x/day.
It seems to be moving nicely (brix from 24-16.5 after 3 days), but it's way cooler than I would expect for a red fermentation. It's in my (cool) basement and has been a constant 68-69F since it started.
On the one hand - maybe this is a good thing, I want to be careful not to extract too much astringency from all those little seeds. (This is why I did the cold soak, with the plan to press out partway through the primary fermentation). But I also want to get the most from my fruit. Last year's fermentation (in a warmer environment with high ambient temperatures) was around 80F.

Should I try to move my Brute outside into the sun for a few hours each day? Or go with the cooler ferment and see where it takes me?

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