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Oct 1, 2009
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Anybody ever get their Eldo to go below.995 or less? I started some at 1.10 and it is got to 1.01 before I racked and stabilized.It is good at 3 months,I mean a real good desert or wild game wine.Anyway the rest of the berries in the freezer are not going to jelly or Troy.Well maybe Troy,I like the smaller Halibutttttttttttttts.......Dig-it Upper
Mine went to .994 but it was a mix with Blackberries also, why do you ask? What yeast did you use and what temp did you use at the end. I always ferment cool but raise the temp at the end and almost always ferment to dry in the bucket so that it finishes fermenting easier. Racking off earlier can cause a fermentation to slow down and even stor earlier due to leaving too much viable yeast behind.
Wade I used Lav.116 and it was fall time here inside temp. about 74.I may have racked a little early.Don't get me wrong I really like it how it is,but how do I know if I like Blondes until I taste A Redhead? Upper
I got one batch to go to .995 using Lavin-EC-1118 and another to go .994 using Lavin D-47. Both starting at 1.15.
Took a young bottle of the Eldo tonight.Friggin young crowd gone in 60 seconds.Oh well I will make more.........Upper
Just think what it will be like in a year?Wife said DRANK.............Upper
Midwest and woodbee,How many pounds to the gallon did you use,and did you oak?I have about 12 pounds left in the frezzer and the jelly lost,it will be wine.Thanks Upper
One batch I used 16 lbs for a 5 gal batch. I have topped it off twice with maybe a gallon total of water. It is very very dark. It is cleared and light will barely penatrate a glassful. Tastes powerful and will need to age quite a while. The other batch I used 2 gallons of squeezed juice. No water no steam just pressure. It was fermented with mulling spices and oranges. It turned out as a dark Rose'. It is so far my best batch.


Ooops forgot second question. I had not used any Oak up to this point. But I put a quarter of a cup of med toast French chips in to a two gallon jar of the mulled wine that is now in my Estufa baking. Won't know the results for another two and a half months. I am curious.

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