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Nov 6, 2007
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I have a lot of dried cranberries,rasins,apricots,and pears.Can they be used to make wine? I have heard that some dried fruits are treated with potassium sorbate.Will this prevent fermentation?
Look at the packaging of the fruit to see if there are any
conserving additives.

Many dried fruit is indeed treated with preservatives.
To 'clean' the fruit follow this procedure:

1) Soak the fruit for several minutes in hot water.
2) Then rise them in a sieve again for several minutes

Then to process the fruit soak them overnight in a bucket with water.
Next day you can easily chop them up with a food processor or a knife.

If you do not soak them overnight the mashed fruit will clogg-up the food processor.

I always do this with my raisins.

You can see the essay I wrote about this procedure complete with photo's on my web-log in the november 12 entry (look in the right part on the log-page in the archief).

dried fruit wine

Thanks for the advice.Are there any tried and true recipes out out there?

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