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Sep 8, 2009
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I'm having a bad week. For the first time I used a tag on the carboy neck to keep notes. Worked great until it got some wine on it. Now it's unreadable and I can't remember if this batch has had sorbate added. I think not, but can't remember for sure. Will adding a second dose negatively affect the wine?

-absent-minded & embarrassed Mud
It will be ok to add more, I used to think no but many kits these days have 2 packets of sorbate instead of one just in case I guess. I have never had a problem using just one but Im guessing there is a reason they send 2 when making ports and sweeter wines. Just make sure you dont add any more then the recommended dosage since you may already have this in there.
So Mud you don't have a notebook to write in about your wines ? I would do both if I was you because I'm like you I would forget or mix up the different batches . I have 2 batches going that are similar in color , it's good that they are diffrent size batches .
I actually use a homemade spreadsheet for all my brewing activities but it's become a nuisance. I spend much less time at the computer than when I made it so was looking for a more convenient method. Notebook it will be.

Thanks, Wade.

-spilly Mud

I make basic notations (dates and S.G.) on my glass carboys with a Sharpie. Info is right there as the batch progresses and cleans off easily when done
I use the neck tags for quick reference stuff and a notebook for more detailed stuff. It saves me from spilling wine on my laptop

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