Do I need a bucket warmer?

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Sep 28, 2009
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Going to be making wine in my basement, which is typically 19degC. Should I be looking at a belt type warmer for my fermenting bucket? Right now only thinking about doing kits until I get my feet wet :)
That would be on the low scale. 21-25C would be better. It all depends on which yeast comes with the kit. Why dont you ferment upstairs and then age in your basement
Hello.... I'm a relatively new kit maker as well. I had a similar issue, and have decided to ferment on my main level and then age in the basement.

However, in my search for ways to keep the primary fermenter at a steady temp I did uncover a few fun ideas. One was to place it in a large tub, filled with water, with an aquarium heater inside the tub! I thought that was over-kill, but genius, as you could set the heater to the desired temp and it would heat the water and the liquid in the bucket to the set temp. Another was to place it in a small room and turn up the heat (an obvious suggestion)... which I would do in our downstairs half-bath, but realized there is no radiator there... and hubby understandably does not want me plugging in any electric heaters for such periods of time. A third was to build a large wooden box and affix a high wattage bulb in the top, then place it over the bucket, but this could heat it up TOO much, and again I would worry about it being a hazard.

Anyhow, good luck!
Well, I stopped in Defalco's on the way home and they just happened to have a sale going on :) Picked up a bucket heater for 16$ CAD. I think between there and Canadian Tire, I'm not going to have much bill money left lol.
I am guessing there is more than one brew shop named DeFalco's. Before I got a couple shops around here I shopped at DeFalco's in Houston Texas. Probably the best brew shop I have ever been to.
Keep it Up High

I hold no responsibility if you do this and drop it on your head or the floor.

I live in a one room cabin with limited space. I keep my fermenter and carboys ontop of the refrigerator and on top of a sturdy bookcase. It's warmer there.

This can be dangerous locations for some, like me:d They do weigh quite a bit. Thats why I am mentioning it, not recommending it.

I'm sure there are safer locations, but it works for me. Though the bucket heaters(belts) are probably the most safest way. I have never used one, but don't imagine they pull that much "juice", pardon the pun.:)

How much DO they use? Could you plug several of them into a multi strip without a problem like overheating an outlet and creating a fire hazard, therby really heating up your brew area?

The belt is 25W, so not much at all. You could run 6 off a 6outlet power bar and still have 'juice' to spare lol
Yeah 25W isn't much at all, small price to pay to keep the temp where it needs to be. I've seen, and experienced problems due to incorrect temperature. Are those belts "adjustable" as far as raising or lowering the heat they put out, or do they remain constant?
The one I picked up is a preset constant. I'm guessing there are adjustable ones available... anything for a price ;) I figure if I notice it's too warm, I'll stick a towel in between the heater and bucket. The package said it will "Maintain 30-35L of fluid at 23-28deg C"
Gotta see pictures of this "CABIN" and your carboy on the fridge.
You got snow yet?
Yeah, been snowing the last week. Grounds froze now, highs been in the low 40's, It'll be sticking here in the next week:m
Than it'll be May till we see the ground again.

I have some pictures in the albums on this site. I'll add some more.

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