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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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I like to do some small winemaking do-it-yourself projects.

Well one of the things all winemakers will need now and then is
a sieve. Most kitchen sieves are too small for our purposes.

So I made a bucket sieve.
It is a follow up on my web-log entry in which I praise the bucket.

You will need 2 buckets.
From the first one we cut the top.
Then we put a cheesecloth in the second one and
put the top from the first one in to tighten the cloth.

Sounds complicated.
Well it is not.

Just look at the march 2008 entry on my web-log:

The project is there illustrated with pictures.

For me it was a great help in making my plum wines
and flower petal wines.
I hope you will find it equally usefull.