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Jun 25, 2015
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I am using a kit and I added the clarifier and I still have foam on the top. I aerated twice daily for 4 days with a drill before adding the clarifier. Is this still co2? and what can I do ?


Aug 24, 2011
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Sometimes trying to removing CO2 can always be a pain ....
Don't get overly concerned about it - be patient - it will work out.keep your temperature around 72-74 degrees.

I have noticed that alot of people become more worried about CO2 removal than the actual winemaking process. Vacuum will definitely speed up the process of removal of CO2 - or time with the correct temps and stirring on occasion will also help.

POOF Test - taken from TonyP

On determining whether the wine is degassed, the most frequently recommended test is the “Poof Test”. Using a vial like test tube or the hydrometer or thermometer container, add some wine, cover with your finger and shake. There should be some bubbling but not a lot. Remove your finger and see if you get more than a slight "poof", which indicates CO2.

To me, the emphasis is less on the “poof” and more on looking at the level of foam produced by the shaking. If your shaking produces 1/2 inch or more of foam, continue degassing.

Keep in mind that wine should be at 70F or higher or it may not degas. It is often good to degas, let the wine sit an hour, then do it again.

In terms of clearing, it happens a little at a time and will take several days before it's really noticeable.


Oct 29, 2014
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How old is the wine? I see that you had joined the group this month. And also you just might be adding the oxygen to the wine yourself by using the drill if not careful. I use mine every once in awhile but time spent in the carboy is always better it will degas itself just make sure to add a dose of kmeta every 3 mos. and what is your hydrometer reading? What kit? To get the best quality of the kit we need to know what kit this is chances are someone has experience with the same kit the more known facts about it you will get the best help
Good luck

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