Cucumber Wine?

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I don't know yet - this is the first time I made it. I just racked it Sunday, hit it with k-meta and po.t sorbate and backsweetened (5.75 oz simple syrup per gal). It tasted a bit flabby, so I also added 1/2 t of tartaric acid per gal - that helped bring out the lime flavor and gave it some acidity. It has a light cucumber aroma and taste with a light lime/citrus note - very clean (??) taste. Tough to describe. I think it might be nice with fish or rice dishes.
Now to let it sit for several months before bottling.
Interested in doing a cucumber wine this spring season, any updates on how it turned out?
I think it turned out nice. My wife - not a fan. She made that face a kid makes when they bite into rhubarb for the first time. LOL

Very chilled, it has a light cucumber taste, clean, fresh with a little basil note. I added some lime basil in the secondary. Tied some up in a mesh cloth & added some polished, sanitized stones to sink it.)
I let it bulk age for almost a year before bottling. I think it will make a nice cooking wine, too.
I highly recommend not using boiling water. I've never seen a wine recipe with boiling water, but I've only made fruit wines, so I thought maybe this would be different. The settled at the bottom and became hard as a rock. I think it is salvageable, but won't be putting it in the secondary fermenter in the amount of time the recipe suggests.
I have a similar mead planned using cucumber, lime, lemonbalm, and basil.

I wouldn't use brown sugar, or corn syrup in it, but everything else sounds good. Also I second doing zest only for citrus additions.

ETA: Do freeze the cucumbers first, then thaw. Also, make sure this is something you will be able to keep your temperatures cool on. I attempted a cucumber wine once and did not pay attention to my temps nor did I get the fruit out after several days. It was one of the nastiest things I've ever fermented.
did you put the lemonbalm and basil in secondary

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