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Apr 16, 2008
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A friend of mine is giving me a 4 year old grape vine that I'll be moving to my yard this week. I'm not sure what kind of grape it is yet, just that it is a seeded grape. I've been told that the vine produces lots of grapes all summer (located in Louisville, KY).

On average, how many pounds of grapes will a mature 4 year old vine create in a year in the midwest? I'm completely new to wine making so I'm pretty clueless right now. Can I store the grapes and make one large batch at the end of the growing season, or do I need to make everything seperately as the grapes are picked (like a monthly batch or something along those lines)?

Also, what equipment do I need?

I don't think one vine will get you very far but it is a start. As for how many lbs., I'm clueless. So much depends on the type and vigor of the vine. If the vine doesn't produce enough for your needs the first year you can freeze the grapes until you've got enough.
So would I be better off buying dormant vines online to have several of the same? How many vines would I need? I've got a 12' x 16' section I was planning on planting these and I'd like to produce as much wine as possible. If I'm buying vines online, can you recommend a good grape for a red wine that will grow well in the midwest?

I've read some posts about people buying some vines from Vintage Nurseries. Is that the best place to go or are there other good ones you could recommend?

Wine Facts

Ok, so I have to much time on my hands. I came across this a few times so I finally copied it down. I am sure the grape variety will have some impact on the quantity but here goes:

1 grape cluster = 1 glass
75 grapes = 1 cluster
4 clusters = 1 bottle
40 clusters = 1 vine
1 vine = 10 bottles
1200 clusters = 1 barrel
1 barrel = 60 gallons
60 gallons = 25 cases
30 vines = 1 barrel
400 vines = 1 acre
1 acre = 5 tons
5 tons = 332 cases